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About Us

What is your purpose?

Companies with a higher purpose are more profitable over the long run than those that only focus on the bottom line. Customers don’t like to be viewed as simply a source of revenue. They need to feel an emotional  connection. That emotional connection is a critical component of how they value what they receive for the money they spend.

For organizations in the public and not-for-profit sectors, a cost-reduction focus takes the place of the profit-only focus. Their clients also have a perception of value, which in their context has little to do with whether something costs less to deliver to them than it did previously;  If the services they receive meet the expected need, they perceive that they have received something of value.

Having a higher purpose applies both to why an organization exists, as well as establishing the WHY behind the things they do to deliver to that purpose, whether it is their products and services offerings, or in how they make their investment choices. Both require a thoughtful and adaptive approach.

Do less Red work. Do more BLUE work

David Marquet defines “Red work” as work that is based on compliance, control and reduced variability, and “Blue work” as more thinking work. Red work, which is rules-based, often leads to nothing more than malicious compliance. We can no longer afford malicious compliance to outdated processes and policies that kill most every new initiative, and in some cases, the organization itself.

AdaptiveOrg is a boutique consultancy focused on helping our clients do more BLUE work:

  • Business Value Focus
  • Lead with Intent
  • Understand Clients & Customers
  • Experiment and Adapt

Our Team can help you to do more BLUE work through our approach and our guiding principles by helping your teams:

  • Establish clarity around the strategic intent for each initiative
  • Uncover and address any capability gaps they may have
  • Learn-by-doing to act and think differently using Paired Capability Development©
  • Address impediments and obstacles as they arise

Our strategic intent in each engagement is to help you become self-sufficient. We never stay longer than necessary.

As we are a boutique consultancy, we develop partnerships with other firms to close our own capability gaps, so we can provide the breadth and depth necessary to suit each unique context.