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Capability Assessments

Whether you are just starting with your first Agile team or are trying to implement an organization-wide transformation, you will need to have a clear understanding of the gaps between your current capabilities and those you will need.

For this reason, AdaptiveOrg has developed a suite of capability assessments that encompass every aspect of your organization and culture.

The first step in any journey is to be prepared. Being prepared to address capability gaps means having honest and transparent conversations, both organizationally and personally, accompanied by a strong desire to act with clear strategic and tactical intent.

Our capability assessments provide you with an unbiased and honest perspective on where you are today on your journey, and help you uncover the preparations you will need to take to become an adaptive organization that is both sustainable and resilient over the long-run.

Our experts will guide you on how to use the capability assessment results to set out your intentions so you optimize opportunities, build the required capabilities, and manage your challenges moving forward.

We utilize the following core assessments:

To get a sense of where you are today on the journey to organizational adaptability, you can take our State of Adaptability Survey. We will be creating monthly State of Adaptability Reports that we will share with you as they become available so you can see how you compare against other similarly sized organizations in your sector.

Contact us today and let the journey begin.