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The State of Organizational Adaptability Survey©

Thank you for dropping by to take our State of  Organizational Adaptability Survey©.

An adaptable organization is one that is both sustainable and resilient over the long-run and is able to maintain its relevance to its clients/customers.

Taking the Survey

The survey has five questions. Each question is designed to address a specific aspect of organizational adaptability which will be explained in the monthly reports we will make available to our subscribers. Select your level of agreement each statement as it relates to your existing organization.

The Industry Sector and Organization Size categories will enable us to build a profile of all organizations that are similar to yours. We will send the latest results to your Inbox as they become available each month. We really appreciate your participation in helping us build a profile of the State of Adaptability across sector and organizational size.

In order to for us to send you the survey results you will also need to sign up to our mailing list. But don’t worry, we promise not to spam you, and we won’t sell or your share your contact information with anyone else. That would not be nice. And we think we’re nice.

Would you like to learn more about becoming an adaptive organization?

If you’d like us to reach out to you after the survey to see if we can help your organization become more adaptable, make sure to include your phone number and click Yes for the Call me question. There is no obligation in having a friendly chat to see if what we offer is what you need. If not, we really appreciate you helping us with the survey as it will help us, and our subscribers like you, to under the state of adaptability today and how it changes over time.

Annual State of Organizational Adaptability Survey©

We are also planning a more in-depth State of Organizational Adaptability Survey© in the coming months and will let you know when that is available for participation. This more in-depth survey will be run annually.

Take the first monthly State of Organizational Adaptability Survey here