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Strategic Leadership Capability Assessment©

Did you know that without Strategic Leadership, your Agile transformation efforts are likely to fail?

Turns out, the causes for failure in agile projects are not all that dissimilar from those in traditional ones.

How is that even possible, you might ask.

Well, if you discount causes such as the lack of experience with agile approaches or insufficient training, we get into causes that for the most part, fall into the strategic leadership category.

The 2014 Chaos survey on traditional project failures listed causes such as lack of executive support, lack of resources, and unclear objectives. Eliminating these, and other similar ones, is the domain of strategic leadership.

The 2016 VersionOne survey failure causes included company philosophy and values at odds with Agile values, lack of management support, lack of support for cultural transition, (and more).

These also are strategic leadership issues.

No manner of team expertise, Scrum coaches, Scrum or other certifications, can address these causes of failure.

Engaged strategic leadership is necessary to becoming an adaptive organization.

AdaptiveOrg’s Strategic Leadership Capability Assessment© measures nineteen different indicators across five separate categories that quickly identify the gaps holding you back from being an adaptive organization that thrives in a world of increasing change and volatility.

While our assessment identifies the gaps, our team helps your teams develop the capabilities needed for them to overcome the current and any future gaps. Success for our professional services model is not measured by long we stay, or how much money we make. It’s measured by how quickly we help your team learn the skills and behaviors necessary to become an adaptive organization.

Even you already are part way there,our  Strategic Leadership Capability assessment can help identify gaps you may have overlooked. Other assessments in our suite include:

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  • Innovation Capability Assessment

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